Easy way to verify authenticity of Rolex

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Easy way to verify authenticity of Rolex

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img_20150623_163357There are also Rolex with true watchcase, watchband and false movement inside in the market, so we’d better use specialized tool to open the watch. When you pry the autopilot of true Rolex’s movement, you could find the words “ROLEX” on the splint of movement with movement number like 1570, 2135, 3135 and 3035 and so on, but you couldn’t find it on the false one. True movements have subtle parts and clear lines, but false one is rough and dark.quality replica watches for sale at this website

On the surface, Rolex’s watchcase has fine structure with clear and complete watchband, crown and English words, but imitation watch has rough watchcase and vague words. Especially reflected on the extremely fine and clear, clean and bright with third dimensional watch bottom and gear cap, imitation watch does not have third dimension and ordinary reflected very shallow. In the aspect of weight, true one has heavy touch feel and imitate one has light feel(PS: some imitation watch also put solid copper in it to make it heavy). For 18K golden texture watchcase and watchband of Rolex, true one would not change its golden quality and color, imitated Rolex would be 14K golden texture or some lower K golden or plate 18K golden, it will change to its origin color with long time. Baby breath Rolex with true diamond plate in the watch, but imitation choose the fake diamond.

Otherwise, when you strike the watchband and watchcase, you could see the batch number of watch factory on the middle of the side watch ear and watch number under the middle of watch ear, imitation won’t have it basically(some imitations will have it, but won’t show very neat and clear; all Rolex Cellini Replica watches have quality certificates with over two lines clear and neat Arab numbers pinhole tattoos on the top right corner, imitation has only one line pinhole tattoo and looks inconsistent and out of order, however, we can’t use it to distinguish because there is fake guarantee on the market.