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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches

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10With its advanced technology, extraordinary traditional and sport style, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watches became the representative of classical wristwatch. In the watch surface inlay red “Daytona”, this kind of watch make with 904L stainless steel and has very strong anti-corrosion property.

Just tapping can start, stop, or reset the Chronograph, with the advanced technology, at the moment of pressing the button the watch will give out a ringing. Besides, the watchmaker of Rolex further improved this equipment to insure can start timing instantly. In the direction of three o ‘clock in the dial plate, the little dial plate is the 30 minutes accumulated Divers Bezel, the little dial plate which in the direction of 9 o’clock is 12 hours Divers Bezel, the little dial plate which in the direction of 6 o’clock is the normal chronometer little second plate.

Cosmograph replica rolex daytona is the best timer tool for the racing driver. Rolex adopt the advanced and simple mechanical technique, although use fewer parts than the general of Chronograph but improved its reliability. At the watch bezel carved with speed scale to test the speed.

The watches match with folding clasp, and also make with 90L stainless steel. The clasp equipped with vernier device can adjust the clasp suitable our wrist.

This wrist watch efficient and precise, time clearly, Solid and reliable, tight waterproof and also can automatically cochain. The design of Oyster type watchcase can make sure the waterproof as deep as 100 meter. The inner of this best replica watches carried with cal.4130 auto cochain movement. This high-performance movement contains the technology of Innovative and patent; the movements of 4130 not adopt crosswise commissural equipment. But use the vertical commissural equipment to start the time.